Destiny adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to strategic development, by drawing on the capabilities of our experienced team who have diverse backgrounds in various professions from the different industries, to pursue all Destiny’s total business solutions which have a common objective to lead Destiny to be a continually growing conglomerate. The young growing conglomerate has been controlling EIGHT (8) main strategic business units.

Our mission is to ensure that we are ready at all time to be your reliable Partner In Business with a Difference. We are different because we leverage on our professional expertise, experience, strong business networks to deliver true value to our customers and shareholders. The Destiny Group is a dynamic and rapid growing group of entrepreneurs extensively involve in new Business Ventures, seeking of new core business through its diversification plans and feasibility studies. The flag ship company, Destiny Shipping Sdn. Bhd., was started with a very hamper background, as a small shipping agent in 1994, led by the founder of Destiny, Mr. Patrick H. U. Lau who has built the diversified group of business.

Destiny believes that any successful and effective business performance begins with a thorough understanding of the industrial requirement, business concepts, customers’ requirements, and internal core competencies and capabilities to lead the business. We begin by first conducting a comprehensive feasibility studies and business financial analysis of each business venture, so as to come out an insight perspective to pla
nning process.